Jul 08 2021


9:30 am - 11:30 am
Inspiration & solutions for those starting social-change companies, accelerators or fostering organisational innovation.

About this event

Whether you’re starting a social-change company or fostering a culture of innovation at your organisation, this event is for you.

Come to learn about innovation challenges and successes, and to hear from speakers already running successful accelerators or building socially positive companies.

Why this event

At Outlandish we’ve spent the last 10 years helping developing products for socially positive organisations of all shapes and sizes, from small community initiatives to large £million budget NGOs.

We believe that the processes and mindsets that help foster innovation (and cut risk) can be embraced by anyone.

And we know that collaboration and open learning helps those who want to achieve change to do just that.

What you’ll come away with

  • Approaches to overcome challenges facing innovators – both at the everyday and the ‘reach-for-the-moon’ ends of the spectrum. Bring your own and contribute to the challenges faced by others.
  • Inspiration from speakers who work on issues like yours every day: from company builders and those working in innovation in humanitarian settings, to those building entrepreneurship within the community.
  • And, of course, you’ll gain connections with the tech and social-impact community

Speakers include:

Crisis Venture Studio

Crisis’ Venture Studio invests in, builds and scales ambitious and diverse ventures in their mission to end homelessness for good. They operate as a centre of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship at Crisis; invest in equity for early stage startups tackling homelessness; run bespoke programmes of support; and encourage innovation in their fundraising and supporter-facing programmes.

Right now they’re also looking to collaborate with business leaders and start ups working on innovative housing solutions, new pathways to employment, or better provision of housing, healthcare, or financial services.

Romain Diaz – Satgana Venture Builder

Romain is a French & Spanish entrepreneur with ~10 years experience working at and co-founding Venture Builders and Startup Studios. He started, built, ran, invested into, advised and sold a range of companies with a focus on tech startups in emerging markets.

The former CEO & Co-Founder of Far Ventures, a pioneering Startup Studio on the African continent, he now serves as CEO & Founder of Satgana, a global Venture Builder on a mission to launch startups addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Constanza Robles Fumarola – Brink

Brink is a boutique innovation practice made of psychologists, strategists, designers, creative thinkers and tech optimists, work at the intersection of innovation and the behavioural sciences.

Brink is enabling organisations to tackle big, gnarly challenges with purpose and clarity. Amongst other projects, they’re connecting innovators working in conflict zones, and leading the transition of 12 African cities to becoming smart, digitally-enabled cities together.

Constanza’s favourite place to be is between a rock and a hard place, thinking through how we can catalyse technological and systems innovations to address complex challenges. She’s passionate about questioning norms, listening across perspectives, and empathising to catalyse social change.

Year Here

Year Here is a social-innovation based course in London, providing a platform for entrepreneurial people to build smart solutions to entrenched social problems.

Year Here participants are placed within organisations supporting those experiencing austerity, after which they work towards starting a viable business and taking it through an incubator.

Alumni are to be found leading their own social enterprises, with ventures backed by Nesta, Bethnal Green Ventures and The Mayor of London. Collectively, they have generated over £5,000,000 revenue and reached over 18,000 beneficiaries – from gang members and homeless teens to isolated older people and refugee women.


About Outlandish

We work on technology that makes the world a fairer, better place.

Our websites and data tools have helped nearly a million users take action on changes to schools and NHS funding; surfaced anti-corruption research to journalists; and helped campaigning organisations strive for social justice.

And our prototypes have helped schoolchildren connect and learn during COVID, warned people in Syria of airstrikes, and supported scientific research through open-sourcing biotech patents.

We help good people do good things.

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