Nov 09 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

In this workshop, members of the London Undergrowth peer group will facilitate a participatory session that takes the ideas of Doughnut Economics to your neighbourhood.

We’ll spend time discussing and mapping our own neighbourhoods from a Doughnut Economics perspective. We will build upon the themes that have emerged in the previous two sessions. However, you don’t need to have attended the previous workshop to get value from this session – we will assume zero knowledge of Doughnut Economics!

London Undergrowth is a peer-learning group based in Finsbury Park. Over six months, the group is aiming to explore the ideas of Doughnut Economics at the scale of the neighbourhood, street and household.

Workshop facilitators:

John Ridpath
John is hosting the London Undergrowth learning journey. He is an independent technology consultant, writer and educator. John works with startups, businesses and government to ensure that digital products and services are meeting the needs of wider society.

Nicky Dunlop
Nicky Dunlop is a consultant, project manager, facilitator and entrepreneur with a focus on projects and organisations that aim beyond profit and deliver outcomes that improve our communities and planet. Her interest in thinking “circular, not linear” and wanting to positively impact her local community brought her to join the Doughnut Economics Neighbourhood peer group, where she hopes to improve connection and agency in her local neighbourhood, creating a regenerative culture of community sharing and restful green spaces.

She is driven to build communities where people feel more empowered, aligned to their values, and ultimately take positive action in the issues they care about. This brought her to co-found ActionAble – a social enterprise activating and empowering a wave of change makers through cohort-based coaching, practical courses, and interactive events.

Nicky previously worked for 10 years in sales and operational strategy in leadership roles in the retail and corporate travel industry, before transitioning to a more purpose-driven career via On Purpose, an impact leadership programme.

Matteo Menapace
Matteo designs cooperative games and facilitates playful workshops for people to tackle real-world challenges. Previously games designer in residence at the V&A in London, he is currently co-designing Daybreak, a board game about tackling the climate crisis at a global scale.
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