Nov 30 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Do you want to read Designing Data-Intensive Applications but you never find the time? Us too! Join us in reading session where we choose a chapter, read it, and then discuss it!
Feel free to attend with your copy of Designing Data-Intensive Applications in either virtual or dead trees format and let’s read it at the same time.

## Agenda

  1. Choose a chapter from the book Designing Data-Intensive Applications
  2. Read chapter for 20 min (silently, each one by themselves)
  3. Discuss on what we just read
  4. Choose a second chapter from the book and read and discuss

Feel free to come at 6:30pm to order food or just chill at the space! We’ll have snacks as well 🙂

## About the book

Designing Data-Intensive Applications is a recent classic. Written by Martin Kleppmann, it’s considered one of the must-read books for software engineers working on the web/cloud/distributed domain.

## Location

We’ll meet at SPACE4 in Finsbury Park.