Feb 17 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Space4, 113-115 Fonthill road - 2nd Floor


Join us as we will be screening a true-fiction short film directed by Lotje Sodderland following the story of a young Polish Londoner who takes a new job as a care worker.

The IRL screening will be followed by discussion, drinks and a short workshop facilitated by members of equal care coop exploring the dominant paradigms of care that shape platform care work.

Limbo film synopsis

Under-trained and underpaid, Witold speeds from home to home on his bicycle, feeling the enormity of his responsibility. Required to use a mobile app which enforces his schedule, Witold’s attempts at connecting with his ‘service users’ are constantly interrupted. ‘Limbo’ reveals the acute loneliness of those most vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic and lays bare the hardship of the job of a carer at this poignant time. Witold’s elderly clients are played by vulnerable men who receive care at home and are not actors.

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