We’ve been partnering with other organisations for events this month. We had a Studio61 Takeover and a Wings Community Dinner. Both were W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!

In preparation for their Debt Down/Disco for Debt Justice our friends at Studio61 hosted an interactive talk at SPACE4 on Tuesday 4th April. Nida, Ollie and Eva talked to us about Studio61’s concept, explored the history of parties that have provoked change and emphasized the importance of sustaining such spaces. There was lots of buzz and discussion. I came away genuinely inspired by the role of parties and social spaces in catalysing action. I felt proud of SPACE4’s purposeful events and excited to be part of such an intentional community.

Extracts from the STUDIO61 PowerPOINt

On Thursday 13th April we hosted a banquet style community dinner for ethical food delivery cooperative Wings who have been our friends for a long long long time.

It was a beautiful event with over 50 people in attendance. We heard from founding member Rich Mason about the gig economy and watched a short film about the project where Wings was interviewed by Jeremy Corbyn. This will soon be released as part of a larger documentary about Islington’s cooperative movement ‘Cooperation Nation‘. Academic, James Muldoon from Autonomy, also spoke to us about platform socialism.

Trailer for the new feature film about Coops in Islington

We enjoyed nice things, from nice people, in nice ways; with SPACE4 x Wings team effort we managed to transform SPACE4 into a banquet hall with silk tablecloths, the food was delivered ethically by Wings riders who are paid London’s living wage for every hour they work, and the food was deliciously cooked by local Islington food vendors: The Roost LDN, Plant Club, Yeshi Ethiopian Cuisine and TARU. It felt like a Wings Wedding and I think we all felt empowered to take on the gig economy together, through cooperatives, community, and collaboration, as cheesy or politically vague as that sounds…

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