Become a Member of Space4

We offer much more than your average workspace

As a worker-coop we embed cooperative values in everything we do. That means that everyone using the space actively contributes to make SPACE4 a positive working environment and a socially impactful project. In turn, we hope that SPACE4 is more than just a work and events space, but a community resource that everyone involved benefits from.

We’re unique because…

  • We offer a pay-what-you-can or payment-in-kind option to local residents, anyone experiencing disadvantage, and people working on socially impactful projects.
  • We organise quarterly meetings for our members to have a say in how the space is run.
  • We regularly host events and training to develop skills, knowledge, and networks, particularly around cooperatives, business development, progressive economics, social issues and tech for good.
  • We proactively seek to generate paid work for our members, and supporting everyone in the space to network and grow.
  • We encourage our members to cooperate with others by sharing their skills with each other the wider local comunity through our Skills Bank.
  • We cultivate a friendly social culture with plenty of members organising social activities in the local area. Not to mention the thriving party that’s always in the kitchen…

Get in touch to arrange a tour or a free trial day. Don’t forget we have discounts available.