In 2022 SPACE4 was awarded a two-year grant from the Disrupt Foundation to develop a programme of public education in our Finsbury Park events space.

Our charitable purposes

The goals of the programme were ‘relieving poverty’, ‘advancement of community development through capacity building’ and ‘advancement of education through tech training’. In line with our values and to match these charitable goals, we organised our events around four main themes:

  1. Progressive economics
  2. Tech for good
  3. Community activism + social issues
  4. Practical skills to support the local economy

A New Events & Partnerships Coordinatior

We hired a new member of our team, Natasha, to lead on this project 3 days a week. She created a regular and professionally structured programme of events with a new brand and system on Eventbrite. We launched this in January 2023. It consisted of:

Natasha also worked on developing new partnerships through community outreach and networking with the council, local businesses and community groups, as well as wider thematically connected organisations to raise awareness of our space and build long-term relationships to collaborate with.

The impact we’ve made