Camden Disability Action were traditionally funded by Camden Council. In order to allow CDA more autonomy, Camden Council gave them management control of the Greenwood Centre, a state-of-the-art fully accessible building in Kentish Town. Money generated would be unrestricted income for CDA. The only problem was that CDA didn’t have the expertise in-house about how to run the building in a way that would generate income, and at the same time provide value for Disabled people.

SPACE4 supported Camden Disability Action in the following ways:

  • Developed a mixed pricing strategy which would allow CDA to attract a wide range of users to the building, so that it would generate income and also offer a rich programme of activities for Disabled people.
  • Generated an outreach plan, including new groups and individuals for CDA to make contact with, plus sites to list rooms for hire, so that CDA could proactively grow its network and users of the Greenwood Centre.
  • Created visual assets for social media to get the word out about the Greenwood Centre. Trained the Greenwood Centre staff in how to use social media and Canva so that they wouldn’t rely on us or another agency to develop content in future.

Our work with CDA built their in-house skills and confidence. They are now able to use design tools and social media in order to attract more business and communicate effectively with their community. They’re able to generate more income from the Greenwood Centre, which has helped them to grow their team.