When Plinth (then called ‘Time to Spare’) joined SPACE in 2018, they were at the early stages of developing software that would primarily help community and voluntary organisations to manage their volunteers.

We have supported Plinth to grow by:

  • Providing subsidised desk space for 4 years, allowing them to invest more in their business. In return, Plinth have been proactive members of the community, helping to organise numerous community lunches, and speak to partners and media about SPACE4.
  • Organised a ‘Which CRM?’ event, placing Plinth alongside other popular charity CRM providers, helping them to connect with clients and articulate their sales pitch.
  • Introduced Plinth to Islington Council, who needed software to measure the geographic and demographic reach of their holiday activities for young people. This required Plinth to build some new elements onto their software, which they were happy to do.
  • Introduced Plinth to numerous charities and voluntary organisations who now use their software.

SPACE4s support for Plinth has helped them to:

  • Grow from one (very busy) person to a team of 5 full time staff
  • Adapt the business model, so rather than CVS organisations being the primary customer, Plinth is now pitched to funders, councils and housing associations.
  • The team has added new features to the software, so that it is now a robust platform for measuring impact and reporting to stakeholders.