We took a break from events in August but now we’re back in full swing. In September we collaborated wtih our coop friends for two fantastic events.

SPACE4 Discussions: How Can We Fund the Resistance

Wed 13 Sep | 18:30 |. Free (£5 deposit)

Caleb Elliott helped organise and facilitate an evening discussion event titled ‘How Can We Fund the Resistance’ about alternative methods of funding. Though focused on coops and their history, the discussion applied to any social justice orientated organisations thinking about their finances.

  1. Siôn Whellens spoke about Solidfund and the benefits of coop membership models.
  2. Siôn also stepped in for Dave Boyle from the Community Shares Company (who got Covid on the day) to speak about the history of the community shares model.
  3. Hannah Pearce from the Class Work Project talked about class and redistributive acts of solidarity and justice.

It was an engaging discussion with lots of interaction thanks to Caleb’s facilitating. We also loved that we tried a new layout. Since there were no Powerpoints we could enjoy the daylight from the windows!

People mingling in SPACE4
15-20 People sitting and listening to 3 speakers sitting on the left of a room.

For our second event, we were approached by Manchester-based cooperative Fractals to do some community outreach on a game they designed to amplify the experiences and challenges of cycle couriers. Fractals co-op use creative, gameful, and playful methods to work with organisations making social change. They are particularly excited about using playfulness in user research and service design.

They hosted a wonderful event. Oliver and Kieran presented their methods for using game design in serious settings but mostly we played games, ate dinner, and took home merchandise! It was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and there were plenty of interesting and inspiring chats going on in the room.

People giving a presentation on 'Gameful and Playful Design.
Picture of merchandise: lots of white bags with 'crank file' written on them. And illustration tea towels of Edinburgh, Manchester and York.

We’ve got plenty to look forward to in October and November, we hope to see you at one of our events soon. Keep up-to-date through our socials!!!

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