Though SPACE4 started as a hub for tech cooperatives, we are now connected to a wide range of professionals and businesses. These include the everyday freelancer and remote working desks user, the think-tanks and campaign groups who visit us monthly for team days, or the local community groups who use us for yearly AGMS.

In spite of this variety, we believe that our communities and networks all share a commitment to social and/or economic change. We use these shared values to “Matchmake” our members and find opportunities for everyone to grow.

some of our members

Planet B logo
Founders and Coders
People's Economy
Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign
High Pay Centre
Good Praxis
Open Rights Group Logo
Finite The Film Logo
Wings logo
Soda Visual logo
Woodburner logo
From Rehab to Life Logo
Yalla Cooperative Logo
Axle Logo
Go Free Range Logo
Paul Bragman Community & Economic Regeneration Consultants
Fait and Violence against Women and Girls Coalition

Some of our friends

We’re also lucky to be associated with a wider community of organisations. They’ve either been based in our space, supported by us, or have collaborated with us in one way or another.

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Breakthrough logo
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Jarrow Insights Logo
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Care International Logo
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