Joshua Dávila, The Blockchain Socialist himself, collaborated with SPACE4 for two brilliant events this March.

Regens Unite London 2024 poster

Joshua connected us to the lovely folk at Regens Unite to host a London 2024 unconference. They use open space technology to run their events and co-created an agenda for the day which included topics like: our relation to technology, the good and bad of web3 technologies, arts and culture, cooperativism, environmentalism, bodywork, and yoga.

People on the floor brainstorming on large paper
People standing and pinnign things to a world map
People on the floor brainstorming on large paper

We then hosted another FUTURES podcast event where Joshua spoke to Luke Robert Mason about his latest book Blockchain Radicals: How Capitalism Ruined Crypto and How to Fix It.

Blockchain Radicals Poster

Joshua spoke passionately about how a capitalist narrative has coopted blockchain technology. He used a framework called “The Critiques of Representational Thinking” to talk about how capitalist thinking has restricted what we think we can achieve with blockchain. He argued for example, that it could be revolutionary in governance and helping us to exercise our democratic rights. He also argued that anti-capitalist activists should take it seriously to have access to alternative finances if they’re ever targetted by mainstream institutions. Check out his own crypto currency Breadchain and listen to the full podcast in all the usual podcast places.

Joshua Dávila in conversation with Luke Robert Mason at SPACE4

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our next events soon. We’ve got some brilliant film screenings in April lined up.